• [Winner Announcement] Win S50 for free!

    Hey guys, look here and give me one minute please. S50 -- the new one of S series and a good look rugged phone has released and as usual, we bring the free gift for you. Write down your favouri ...
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  • S50 Comes! Pre-order starts now

    I want rugged phone I want big battery I want face ID OK, if you have S50, you get them all. Pre-order starts now, subscribe HERE to get it first and learn details HERE
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  • New S series - S50

    Do you like S60? Now we will have a new S. It's very different from S60, inside and out. Do you like the design? why or why not?
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  • Happy International Women's Day

    I guess there aren't many female friends in the forum. But it doesn't matter. We have female friends, relatives, and at the special day, let's show our respect to them. Who do you want to express ...
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  • Do you know the In-display Fingerprint Recognition technology?

    When you touch the surface of Doogee V, the AMOLED display generates light, lighting up every single details of the fingerprint. The light, carrying the message of your fingerprint, bounces back i ...
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  • See you Barcelona, See Doogee V soon!

    Thanks for all participants who came to the Doogee V launch event. It is your support that makes Doogee better! Barcelona trip is finished happily, but learning never ends. Doogee team will learn the ...
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  • Go to Barcelona to see Doogee V

    Hey friends, are you a fan of mobile? If so, you shouldn't miss MWC! All famous brands will release new phones during the congress. And Doogee will release Doogee V as well. What's your expectation? ...
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  • MIX 3?

    Do you like the design? Would you like to have one?
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  • [Video added] Leaked Photos of DOOGEE V

    DOOGEE V is heading to us! Thanks to the minimal bezel and slim notch, Gorgeous pictures is shown on DOOGEE V's Amoled screen. First, let's see a photo made by Photoshop: Then let's see what it ...
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  • [Winner Announcement] Vote For Your Favorite And Win Free Gifts

    MIX 2 VS BL12000, which one do you prefer? Vote >>HERE and get the chance to win them for free Rule: 2 candidates will be choosen from both side and they will get the phone they vote for free! Ann ...
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