• The king of MOBA games

    With the volume of 5050mAh, free from battery worry and will make your the king of MOBA games!
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  • VR Glasses sent out last week

    Dear All, We sent out the VR glasses out to all the winners last week. It will take 2-4 weeks to arrive you. Please be a little patient. If any menber receive it you can post a picture here in this f ...
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  • Hurry up! To get the last chance

    DOOGEE BL5000 pre-sale on Aliexpress. It is the last 24 hours for you to get Doogee BL5000 at $139.99.
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  • Doogee BL5000 real shoot collection

    A revelutionary big battery beauty 1. Amazing with sparking raidance 2. 8 sides curved to extreme 3. raster texture 4. ultrathin body with big battery NOW, is available on Aliexpress at $ 139.99, cl ...
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  • Doogee BL5000 pre-sale

    DOOGEE BL5000 pre-sale on Aliexpress. Click and Grab it, and get our official Leather Case for FREE.
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  • Would you do Doogee a favor?

    Which design of Doogee BL5000 gift box do you prefere? Reply to let us know. Highlights in design one: 8 exquisite curved sides and raster texture. Highlight in design two: ultrathin body with big b ...
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  • Doogee BL5000 beautifully curved design

    Doogee BL5000 for best looking and grip with beautifully curved design.
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  • Doogee MIX special version

    Together with the special version of 6GB + 128GB,the 2 new colors: Coral Blue and Glassy Silver of Doogee Mix will be launched soon. Which color do you like ?
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