• S90 с отличным ценником

    Великие вещи не нужны с отличным ценником. Узнайте больше - https://www.doogeemall.com/ru/buy/ip68_rugged_smartphone_s90
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  • Size does matter

    The Doogee S40 with 32GB Storage is now available on doogeemall.com, Aliexpress Store and Doogee Authorized Stores
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  • DOOGEE S40 (3+32GB) Promotional Activity Is Here!

    Rugged Tri-proof Smartphone At 74% Off, $119 instead of $159 Grab DOOGEE S40 (3+32GB) for $119 from here: https://bit.ly/2WidvRv Learn more about S40 Rugged Flagship from here: https://bit.ly/2Jo6V ...
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  • World’s First Modular Rugged Phone

    World’s First Modular Rugged Phone ‘DOOGEE S90’ Offered At A Stupendous 75% OFF Discount Grab DOOGEE S90 (6+128GB) for $279 from here: https://bit.ly/2LR5PiI Learn more about S90 Rugged Modular F ...
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  • Guess Price of S40

    The most cost-effective rugged smartphone is stepping to us! | 4G Network | 4650mAh Battery | Android 9.0 | NFC | 5.5'' Screen Face + Fingerprint Unlocking | IP68 | IP69K | MIL-STD-810G >>Le ...
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  • DOOGEE S90 Projector Module

    As you know, S90 is a rugged modular phone. Except for the night vision camera mod, walkie-talkie mod and power mod, there will be more mods produced for s90. Not long ago, DOOGEE shows the 5G mod ...
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  • DOOGEE S90 Raised $350K USD!

    Thank you for always being together with us! We've ended the S90 Kickstarter campaign raised with more than $350K USD. Though we didn't hit the $400K Stretch Goal, we decided to give the Ultimat ...
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  • Guess what the new module is

    Just get a model of new S90 module and can't wait to show these pictures to you. As we all know, S90 now has four modules: night vision camera module, walkie-talkie module, power module ...
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  • DOOGEE S90 has raised $100,000 in 18 hours! Thanks!

    DOOGEE S90 has raised $100,000 USD in last 18 hours! Thank you, every DOOGEE fan! If you are interested in DOOGEE S90, click>> HERE
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  • Less Than One Day to Witness the Modular Rugged Phone, DOOGEE S90

    Only 12 hours left to the launch. Set your alarm and don't miss the super early bird deal! Super Early Bird will get the price of $299 but pledges are limited to 100! You can now ...
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