• It's Amazing!! Let's discuss about it.

    Big battery smartphone will kill power bank? Make a comment and let me know your point.
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  • How to buy N20 at 97.99$ on doogee aliexpress?

    You can also buy Phone N20 at 97.99$ on doogee aliexpress! Only one step that you can buy Phone N20 by 97.99$! Before you buy the phone, you can get the 2usd coupons at frist such as picture! https:// ...
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  • How to buy N20 at 94.99$ on doogee mall?

    Do you want to buy Phone N20 at 94.99$ on doogee mall? Only two steps that you can buy Phone N20 by 94.99$! Step 1: Email register doogeemall and login to doogeemall to get 5usd coupons Step 2: When y ...
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  • DoogeeN20 Super Giveaway.

    Win the10 Free #doogee Smartphones and 15 free #earphones are waiting for you. Don’t Miss it. Link:https://www.doogee.cc/giveaway/
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  • Guess price N20 and winner for free

    Here are some specifications of the power module: l 4350mAh; l Built-in Polymer Battery; l 5V/2A ; l 16.0MP+8.0MP+ 8.0MP; l 130° Wide-angle l 4GB +64GB; >>Learn More
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  • S40 - A good choice

    The DOOGEE S40 packs a 4650mAh battery scoring a staggering (by 2019 Q2 standards) 105-hour continuous web browsing time.
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  • S90 с отличным ценником

    Великие вещи не нужны с отличным ценником. Узнайте больше - https://www.doogeemall.com/ru/buy/ip68_rugged_smartphone_s90
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  • Size does matter

    The Doogee S40 with 32GB Storage is now available on doogeemall.com, Aliexpress Store and Doogee Authorized Stores
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  • DOOGEE S40 (3+32GB) Promotional Activity Is Here!

    Rugged Tri-proof Smartphone At 74% Off, $119 instead of $159 Grab DOOGEE S40 (3+32GB) for $119 from here: https://bit.ly/2WidvRv Learn more about S40 Rugged Flagship from here: https://bit.ly/2Jo6V ...
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  • World’s First Modular Rugged Phone

    World’s First Modular Rugged Phone ‘DOOGEE S90’ Offered At A Stupendous 75% OFF Discount Grab DOOGEE S90 (6+128GB) for $279 from here: https://bit.ly/2LR5PiI Learn more about S90 Rugged Modular F ...
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